- Help in joint pain -


The physiotherapist restores, reduces or stabilizes the functioning of muscles, tendons and joints.

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With us in practice you can go for 


- Joint problems (including shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, elbow, wrist).
- Back and neck complaints.
- Complaints to muscles and tendons.
- Rehabilitation after surgery.
- Sports wounds.

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The first appointment begins with an extensive consultation with the therapist about the complaint. Then there is a physical examination to map the complaint as well as possible.
In consultation with you as a patient, we will draw up a treatment plan explaining how the complaint is addressed. An estimate is made of the expected time frame.

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Who is physiotherapy for?


Physical therapy is intended for people with physical complaints to the musculoskeletal device, whether or not accompanied by a psychic factor. Think of joints, muscles and heads. But a reduced balance, fatigue, headache and stress can also be heard.

About us

We specialize in the structural treatment and prevention of complaints on the attitudes and movement apparatus.


Opening hours

Monday to Friday 09:00 - 19:00 pm


Adress: Haagweg 4F10, 2311 AA Leiden
Phone: 071-3410161


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